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100 Meters Buhay na Obra by Amangpintor
(by Amangpintor  3/21/2023)

The art world has always been known to push boundaries and explore unconventional methods, but Filipino artist Elito Circa takes it to the next level with his masterpiece "100 Meters Blood Painting." According to an article from Rappler, he believes that using his blood adds a personal touch to his work, making it more authentic and powerful.

Elito Circa, also known as "AmangPintor," is an artist who has gained international recognition for his unconventional approach to art. He uses his own blood and hair as a medium to create unique and striking paintings that showcase his creativity and commitment to environmental causes.

Circa was born and raised in Pantabangan, Nueva Ecija, a town in the Philippines with a rich history and culture. He draws inspiration from his hometown and its people, incorporating elements of indigenous art and symbolism into his work. His ongoing masterpiece, "100 Meters Blood Painting," is a tribute to his roots and a reflection of his beliefs and philosophy in life.

The painting, which is expected to take 1 to 2 years to complete, is a massive undertaking that will span 100 meters in length. It will depict scenes from Circa's life in Pantabangan and also include references to the history of the town, the province of Nueva Ecija, and the Philippines as a whole. The use of blood as a medium is significant, as it represents the life force that connects all living things and the importance of protecting the environment.

Circa's work is also part of the indigenous art movement, which seeks to promote and preserve traditional art forms and techniques. He is a passionate advocate for environmental causes and uses his art to raise awareness about the urgent need to address issues such as climate change and biodiversity loss.

Circa's dream is to submit "100 Meters Blood Painting" to the Guinness World Records as the longest blood painting in the world. He has already gained international recognition for his work, having been featured on the History Channel and Ripley's Believe It Or Not as the first artist in the world to use blood and hair as a medium in his generation.

In an article from Reuters, Circa shared that he hopes his art will inspire people to appreciate their own history and culture. He also hopes to break down the barriers between the artist and the audience, and create a more intimate connection through his use of blood as a medium.

In a world where traditional art forms are often overshadowed by modern technology, Circa's work is a testament to the power and beauty of art that is rooted in tradition and culture. His commitment to environmental causes is also a reminder of the urgent need to protect our planet and the delicate balance of life that sustains us all.

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