Amangpintor nagbahagi ng karanasan sa sining sa Bolinao Integrated School

Maaga pa lamang ay gumayak na ang mga estudyante ng Bolinao Integrated School sa Bolinao, Pangasinan upang makinig sa pagbabahagi ng kaalamang pansining at saksihan ang aktong pagpipinta ng tinag-uriang ama ng Indigenouism art at kilalang "hair and blood folk painter" ng Pilipinas na si Elito Circa o mas kilala bilang Amangpintor. Sa unang bahagi, ipinakilala ni Ginang Rogean C. Caasi - punong guro ng paaralan - ang panauhing tagapagsalita, sa simula ibinahagi ni Amangpintor ang kanyang kara ...Click to read more

Kauna-unahang Wilfredo Personal Essay Writing Workshop ginanap

Sinimulan sa unang pagkakataon ni Wilfredo Pascual, Jr. ang kanyang Personal Essay Writing Workshop na ginanap sa Willi's Place, Abar 2nd, San Jose City, Nueva Ecija. Ayon sa kanya, nais niya na taon-taon na itong gawin upang makapag-ambag ng siya diumano ng kaalaman sa mga kapwa niya manunulat. Ilan sa mga napiling lumahok mula sa pagsasala sa mga isinumite na essay ay sina Rogene Gonzales (Solano, Nueva Vizcaya), Marius Carlos Jr. (Cabanatuan City), Maui Mangawang (UST), Ryan Machado (Quezo ...Click to read more

Dingalan Art Appreciations and Contemporary Philippine Arts Seminar-Workshop

Dingalan, Aurora - The Dingalan National High School teachers spearhead by Rolly Franquia, Marvin Sinacay, PSDS Beth del Campo and Principal Ronald Garcia initiated and conducted two days art event title "2017 Art Appreciations and Contemporary Philippine Arts Seminar-Workshop" with the help of the Samahang Makasining (Artist Club), Inc. (SMACI) members. There were 130 talented students from different schools in Dingalan excluding teachers participated on this event. The program was started w ...Click to read more

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This is my Story (Titsir Ka)
(by Teresita M. Circa 11/22/2016)

The sun was hazy that morning, I had my brown ribbon tied upon my fixed collar. The plum skirt fitted me still as I stepped on the jeepney's rack. Humidity came to welcome me and I had my hair tucked behind my ears. Ellipses filled the atmosphere until someone had dared to crack the silence: "Titsir ka?" he uttered while I watched him draw his fingers in a crooked position. "Nag-aaral pa lang ho." I shooked. Never did I know, that day began to be the beginning of everything. The first page of my life being a teacher and a wife carried by a surname: Circa. It's a mere realization of this: "TitS ...Click to read more

French scientists crack secrets of Mona Lisa

PARIS �#34; The enigmatic smile remains a mystery, but French scientists say they have cracked a few secrets of the "Mona Lisa." French researchers studied seven of the Louvre Museum's Leonardo da Vinci paintings, including the "Mona Lisa," to analyze the master's use of successive ultrathin layers of paint and glaze - a technique that gave his works their dreamy quality.

Specialists from the Center for Research and Restoration of the Museums of France found that da Vinci painted up to 30 layers of paint on his works to meet his standards of subtlety. Added up, ...Click to read more

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What is Indigenouism Arts?
(by Teresita M. Circa 1/18/2017)

Indigenouism is an art movement promoting environmental protection campaign by using indigenous Materials as medium in their artistic creations. It emphasizes more of the aesthetic values than socio-cultural themes for literature, visual arts and other related arts. It also promotes the culture and tradition of every areas more specifically of the remote areas. Due to poverty, Elito Circa also known as Amangpintor began using hair and blood as experimental mediums in 1978. Since then, Indigenouism has became a weapon for him to pursue his artistic career. The term Indigenouism was coin ...Click to read more

What is Indigenous Materials?
(by David Danio Jr 12/6/2016)

The Indigenous Material. Is an adjective meaning "originating in and characteristic of a particular region or country". Indigenous materials, therefore, are materials that are naturally and locally found in a specific place or area. Some areas are less endowed than others, so indigenous materials vary depending on the geographic features and location and climate condition of a region. These materials in effect become a large influence on the lifestyle and culture of a region's people overtime with the skills and crafts handed down through generations. Identifying Indigenous Material. It is s ...Click to read more

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The Indigenous games or Laro ng Lahi was coined and popularized by the Samahang Makasining (Artist Club), Inc. (commonly known "Makasining") with the help of National Commission for Culture and the Arts and being used by the other Philippine Local Government Unit, other organizations and other institution. Imparting of these Filipino games to the youth is one of the main objectives of the organization. The Makasining also created time based scoring for five (5) selected games (Patintero, Syatong, Dama, Lusalos and Holen). (If you want to use this word kindly acknowledge our organization)


"Community development through arts"

The group has been conducting arts/culture activities for the past years, through self-discovery and learning. Today, the group has come-up with the idea of imparting their knowledge and experiences to the youths to make their time more meaningful and useful. This also helps the youth to get away from unnecessary vices and help them discover and develop their hidden talents, which is beneficial for the upliftment of the Filipino culture.


  • Brotherhood and camaraderie.
  • Impart knowledge about arts & culture to the community.
  • Have an opportunity to discover and develop hidden talents.
  • Know that each time and work is essential.
  • Preserve and maintain Filipino culture through everyday living.
  • Provide beneficial and livelihood skills thru commercial arts.
  • Utilize their worthy leisure hours.


  • Art Projects Management and packaging
  • Seminar / workshop on Visual Arts
  • Seminar / workshop on Theater Arts
  • Script Writing
  • Variety show for town fiesta
  • Computer Animation


    Members are true artist in their heart, we are not talking about their skills in the field of arts but we are talking about their talents in arts.

    They possess humility, self discipline and concern to the Mother Nature. Hence, they are environmentalist in nature, have own philosophy in life, and they have extensively believed in God. Sometimes they believe that they are couriers of God.

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