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Rust Painter Ramon Lopez
(by  8/13/2009)

Ramon H. Lopez was born in San Jose City, Nueva Ecija on February 1983. In his early years, he grew fond of painting. He wanted to make a name as a painter, not only for himself, but also for the Filipino people. He wanted to make a difference, not confining himself with paint brushes and colors.

Lopez still leaves in Nueva Ecija. He joined the local art group - Samahang Makasining Phil. Inc. Since he joined the organization, hes craft and discipline have tremendously improved. In 2008, he joined a national painting competition in BPRE. Although he placed 2nd, hes passion for art grew. He wanted to be known for his different style, a style which uses something that we thought is useless. He used RUST as his medium.

He started to collect rusting objects from trash, carefully segregating the rust particles which he uses for his art works. He decided to become a rust painter and plans to create more artistic works in the future. He is assured that his works will pass the test of times since he puts top coats in all his works.

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