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TIPON: Artists Organizing (Metropolitan Museum)


TIPON: Artists Organizing shifts away from the traditional focus on individual artistic genius in recognition of the creativity, inspiration, and accomplishments derived from working together.

Six groups from different parts of the country are featured in TIPON to represent a sampling of contemporary art groups. More than merely anchoring on regional identities, the exhibit tells of different motives and bases for artists to come together and organize themselves. It also looks into how the groups, in the process, awaken to their own identity as an artist community, and how they contribute to the development of individual members, of the art scene, and of society at large. Each group establishes their unmistakable character in TIPON.

Ang Ilustrador ng Kabataan, an organization of children’s books illustrators, makes a statement on how the group is perceived to be as carefree as their creations, contrary to the maturity and professionalism that is required and delivered to make everything appear as child’s play.

Anting-Anting, based in Cavite , simulates an artist’s studio to put forward the experience of personal friendships and shared artistic fervor that sustain the tight-knit group.

The Pampanga Arts Guild articulates their pride on the Kapampangan cultural identity that is strongly bonded to the environment. The group rose to the challenge of the Pinatubo eruption with artistic passion and creativity.

Davao Artists’ Foundation reflects on a common aspiration to resolve identities and other contentious concerns within their group, an umbrella organization of smaller art groups in Davao .

Lunâ Art Collective from Cebu engages the community in their public art by dealing with socio-political issues. In the exhibit, they present a street shrine to a local Cebuano who has fallen victim to violence.

Produksyon Tramontina, a Bacolod-based group, came to life with the advent of affordable and availability of digital film technology. They merge spectatorship and active participation in their video installation for the exhibit.

TIPON: Artists Organizing will be on view at the Upper Galleries of the Metropolitan Museum from October 20 until February 23, 2006.

The Metropolitan Museum is located at the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas Complex, Roxas Boulevard , Manila . Museum hours are 10am – 6pm, Monday to Saturday. For inquiries, call 523-7855 or 536-1566, or email

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