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My thoughts whirl in a pool of dreams;

While I toss and turn;

As if death is sitting on the table;

Many nights with excruciating pain;

I was up till dawn;

I woke up with the greetings of morning mists;

Drapes the leaves of the trees;

The dew bathes each petals of blooms;

I came to realized;

The life has bestowed upon me once again;

As summer ends;

Hydrangeas changes the shades into autumn;

Hyacinth never losses its scents;

The cluster of lilacs in every fence of neighbors;

I felt, I will never see this season;

I will never had a chance to gaze at the mysterious

rocks and mountains;

I was falling at the cliff;

My dream continues;

Then I was flying;

As fast as the east wind;

Running through the hilly prairies;

Playing at the marsh and hops like a frog;

The robin appeared in my dreams;

I cannot longer near its robes;

The knocks of the sun rising alerts me;

I heard the buzz of the bees;

As summer ends;

I was thankful;

The life has bestowed upon me once again.

G Circa Barcelo
Sept 19, 2010
Burnaby, BC

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