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(by GCIRCA BARCELO  1/24/2012)

one morning after dawn;

my eyes hooked through the branches of the trees;

the leaves softly dances as the sun lightens up;

I was gazing at the greetings of morning sky;

my foot felt the freezing ground;

and led me to browse at neighboring tents;

what a peaceful like the past night;

the campers were silenced by the song of hummingbirds;

there's a narrow path ahead;

each side with luscious green vines;

the sight caught my eyes and made my head turns;

there hanging perfectly among the wild shrubs and ferns;

the tiny arches of trees bent artistically;

as if it was blown by a friendly waves to one side;

the excitement came back as an innocent child;

I wish to swing with you before the sunset hides;

Toss me up in the air before the string breaks;

Let me feel the breeze and gasp the wind.

the clouds were moved;

as if angels are rejoicing;

let me grip the ropes tight;

and secured me on the seat;

I wish it will last forever;

from sunrise till moonlight;

who cares about time;

neither wasted nor saved;

In my dreams;

you were once mine.

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