Pantabangan: Poster and Painting Contest

Ang Dioces of Saint Andrew Parish sa Pantabangan ay magkakaroon ng Aktong Patimpalak sa pagpipinta sa ika-30 ng Disyembre 2019 na gaganapin sa KC Hall katabi ng simbahan sa pangunguna ng Hermano Mayor Rommel Dullas sa tulong ng Rembrandt Design and Contruction at suporta ni Amangpintor at ng Samahang Makasining(Artist Club), Inc., CLSU Artist Club at Design360. Register now! click thid link PANUNTUNAN SA PAGSALI: 1. Bukas para ...Click to read more

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Pagtatapos ng Buwan ng Sining - Pinagdiwang sa Matagumpay na Proyekto
(by SM-AC News 2/25/2024)

Sa pagtatapos ng Buwan ng Sining, isang makulay at matagumpay na proyekto ang ipinagdiwang na pinangunahan ng pangulo na di Ardee Frigillana mga alagad ng sining kabilang sina Mykel Manese Villanueva, Jerome Ventillo, Ramon Lopez, Rustpainter II, Domel Iquio, Bryan DC Navarro, Bur Nok, Angelo, at Jay Ar Mateo. Ang proyektong ito ay naging posible sa tulong ni Amangpintor, Elito Circa, na nagbigay ng mga papremyo para sa mga kalahok. Ang buwan-long selebrasyon ay naglalayong itaas ang kamalaya ...Click to read more

Artist Club Marks 42nd Founding Anniversary with a Simple Celebration
(by SM-AC News 2/22/2024)

In a humble yet heartfelt gathering, the Artist Club commemorated its 42nd founding anniversary, tracing back to its inception in 1982. Originally established as a student organization through the collaborative efforts of Arch. Rexie Fernando, Romeo Trinidad, Ted Clemente, and other founding members, including the first student founder, Elmer Dasco, the club has since blossomed into a beacon for budding artists across the nation. The journey of the Artist Club, from a small group of passionat ...Click to read more

Libreng Pagpipinta gamit ng Kape matagumpay na idinaos
(by SM-AC News 3/19/2023)

San Jose City, Nueva Ecija - Nagtagumpay ang Samahang Makasining (Artist Club), Inc. San Jose City Chapter sa pakikipagtulungan ng Amangpintor Art Charity at WalterMart sa kanilang Free Coffee Painting Workshop noong ika-19 ng Marso 2023 sa WalterMart San Jose City. Ito ay bukas sa publiko at mayroong 50 mga kalahok ang dumalo sa nasabing aktibidad. Si Ardee Frigillana, ang Pangulo ng Samahang Makasining (Artist Club), Inc. San Jose City Chapter, ay nagpakilala at nagpahayag ng pasasalamat sa ...Click to read more

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Ardee Abellera Frigillana: A Mosaic of Art, Leadership, and Laughter
(by Amangpintor 2/22/2024)

In the vibrant tapestry of Filipino artistry, where colors, forms, and expressions intertwine to narrate the nation`s soul, Ardee Abellera Frigillana emerges as a standout thread. As the 2023-2024 President of the Samahang Makasining (Artist Club), San Jose City Chapter, Frigillana not only exemplifies leadership within the art community but also enriches it with his distinctive palette as a painter, muralist, and visionary. A Visionary`s Canvas Nestled in the heart of Nueva Ecija, San Jose City has become a cradle of creativity under the stewardship of Frigillana. His venture, Kathang Sining, established in 2008, serves as a beacon for budding and established artists alik ...Click to read more

Painting with Healing power
(by Amangpintor 2/7/2024)

Amangpintor's paintings are a true wonder of art. The fact that he only uses his hand, fingers, and nails to create such beautiful compositions is remarkable. His paintings are filled with vibrant colors of blue, yellow, red, and white, all mixed together in perfect harmony. What makes Amangpintor's paintings so unique is his use of healing colors. He has spent years studying and experimenting with the effects of different colors on the human psyche, and he has perfected the art of using colors to heal and soothe the mind. When you look at one of Amangpintor's paintings, you can feel the stress melting away from your body. The colors are cool on the eyes, and the composition is s ...Click to read more

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Pinta at Komedya

Once upon a time, there was this amazing event called PINTA AT KOMEDYA. It wasn't just any show, it was a big-hearted gathering to help out Noel with his dialysis costs. The brains behind it all? The folks at "Amangpintor Art Charity." Now, picture this: two stars, Brod Pete and Amangpintor, famous for making people laugh and painting beautiful pictures, joined forces. They cracked jokes while whipping up paintings, making it a double treat for the audience. Before the big day, there was a cozy get-together for Brod Pete's family, with music and laughter filling the air. And guess what? The ...Click to read more

These Artists Use Unusual Materials For Their Works
(by 12/12/2017)

( The local art scene is alive and well, thanks to the wealth of talent from young and established artists. There's always something new to look forward to, whether it's an ongoing exhibit or a must-see museum. And then there are those that, while they're just at the fringes of this dynamic sphere, are still worth learning about and keeping on your radar. Here are 13 artists who have found their calling in art, but have done so with unusual materials and one-of-a-kind techniques.

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Vacant boxes for personal study

The Indigenous games or Laro ng Lahi was coined and popularized by the Samahang Makasining (Artist Club), Inc. (commonly known "Makasining") with the help of National Commission for Culture and the Arts and being used by the other Philippine Local Government Unit, other organizations and other institution. Imparting of these Filipino games to the youth is one of the main objectives of the organization. The Makasining also created time based scoring for five (5) selected games (Patintero, Syatong, Dama, Lusalos and Holen). (If you want to use this word kindly acknowledge our organization)


"Community development through arts"

The group has been conducting arts/culture activities for the past years, through self-discovery and learning. Today, the group has come-up with the idea of imparting their knowledge and experiences to the youths to make their time more meaningful and useful. This also helps the youth to get away from unnecessary vices and help them discover and develop their hidden talents, which is beneficial for the upliftment of the Filipino culture.


  • Brotherhood and camaraderie.
  • Impart knowledge about arts & culture to the community.
  • Have an opportunity to discover and develop hidden talents.
  • Know that each time and work is essential.
  • Preserve and maintain Filipino culture through everyday living.
  • Provide beneficial and livelihood skills thru commercial arts.
  • Utilize their worthy leisure hours.


  • Art Projects Management and packaging
  • Seminar / workshop on Visual Arts
  • Seminar / workshop on Theater Arts
  • Script Writing
  • Variety show for town fiesta
  • Computer Animation


    Members are true artist in their heart, we are not talking about their skills in the field of arts but we are talking about their talents in arts.

    They possess humility, self discipline and concern to the Mother Nature. Hence, they are environmentalist in nature, have own philosophy in life, and they have extensively believed in God. Sometimes they believe that they are couriers of God.

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