Ecijanos Pintados

A 3D Body Painting to be held at SM City Cabanatuan on September 2, 2017 1:00PM to 5:00PM. A joint project of Samahang Makasining (Artist Club), Inc. and Rotary Club and being hosted by NEUST Artist Club. This program was created to highlight and to give the spotlight to Artists of Nueva Ecija wherein they can showcase their talents. For all the participants and audiences, this will promote arts, preserve our historical and cultural values, and encourage young people to engage in productive activities and to help develop their creative self-expression, inclination to arts and camaraderie among their peer. It also ignite their feelings Official Contest Guidelines 1. The competition is open to all talented people in Nueva Ecija 2. Every team must consist of 2-3 participants, the a ...Click to read more

Whang-od`s family urges public: `Stop the negativity`
(by re-write Elito V. Circa 10/30/2017)

MANILA - The family of Filipino traditional tattoo artist Whang-od called on the public to "stop the negativity" after the organizers of Manila FAME suffered a backlash for bringing the artist to the trade fair in Manila. In an interview with Rappler, Grace Palicas, the grandniece of Whang-od who did tattooing with the artist during the fair, said the family was surprised by the backlash. (READ: VIRAL: Was Whang-od exploited at Manila FAME?) Palicas said that Whang-od herself requested to do as much tattooing as she could during the fair since "she's already in Manila." "Gusto niya talaga na siya. Ang masasabi ko lang, sana nandoon sila sa event para alam nila. Hindi tayo sana mapanghusga. Sabi nga ni Bob Marley, stop the negativity," Palicas said, paraphrasing the famous line in the la ...Click to read more

Culture, arts education, projects get P300M funding from Ched
(by Pathricia Ann V. Roxas 8/1/2017)

The Commission on Higher Education (Ched) announced on Tuesday that it will provide P300 million financial grant to higher education institutions (HEIs) for creative projects designed to mainstream cultural education and appreciation in higher education. Ched Chair Patricia Licuanan said the "Salikha" creative grant, in cooperation with the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA), marks the first time the Commission is offering grants exclusively to the development of Philippine culture and the arts in higher education. "We are making unprecedented investments in the creative capabilities of our faculty to improve instruction and learning in the arts, culture, humanities, and social sciences. By enhancing content and pedagogy, we hope to deepen cultural knowledge and nurture ...Click to read more

Makasining members received prestigious award

Mr. Elito Circa and Ramon S. Lopez received a prestigious award from the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA), SM City, Shell Philippines, Philippine Star and the Metropolitan Museum of Manila. Mr. Circa, also known as Amangpintor, has been recognized as Best Artist for Indigenouism Art, along with other famous artists in Nueva Ecija like Heber Bartolome. He received his award on May 16, 2017 at the SM in Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija during the celebration of the Philippine Visual Arts.

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One of a kind Algae Artist Jerome Icao from Zamboanga
(by Makasining 12/12/2017)

Jerome Galve Icao, born July 14, 1982 in Imelda, Zamboanga Sibugay a Filipino and indigenouism artist. Like other contemporary artists, Jerome explore other techniques and medium based on his philosophy in life. He uses Algae from river or stream to create unique images of old, indigenous and ancestral Zamboangenian people in their province, which are also part of the province and town history.

This is my Story (Titsir Ka)
(by Teresita M. Circa 11/22/2016)

The sun was hazy that morning, I had my brown ribbon tied upon my fixed collar. The plum skirt fitted me still as I stepped on the jeepney's rack. Humidity came to welcome me and I had my hair tucked behind my ears. Ellipses filled the atmosphere until someone had dared to crack the silence: "Titsir ka?" he uttered while I watched him draw his fingers in a crooked position. "Nag-aaral pa lang ho." I shooked. Never did I know, that day began to be the beginning of everything. The first page of my life being a teacher and a wife carried by a surname: Circa. It's a mere realization of this: "TitS ...Click to read more

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These Artists Use Unusual Materials For Their Works
(by 12/12/2017)

( The local art scene is alive and well, thanks to the wealth of talent from young and established artists. There's always something new to look forward to, whether it's an ongoing exhibit or a must-see museum. And then there are those that, while they're just at the fringes of this dynamic sphere, are still worth learning about and keeping on your radar. Here are 13 artists who have found their calling in art, but have done so with unusual materials and one-of-a-kind techniques.

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The Indigenous games or Laro ng Lahi was coined and popularized by the Samahang Makasining (Artist Club), Inc. (commonly known "Makasining") with the help of National Commission for Culture and the Arts and being used by the other Philippine Local Government Unit, other organizations and other institution. Imparting of these Filipino games to the youth is one of the main objectives of the organization. The Makasining also created time based scoring for five (5) selected games (Patintero, Syatong, Dama, Lusalos and Holen). (If you want to use this word kindly acknowledge our organization)


"Community development through arts"

The group has been conducting arts/culture activities for the past years, through self-discovery and learning. Today, the group has come-up with the idea of imparting their knowledge and experiences to the youths to make their time more meaningful and useful. This also helps the youth to get away from unnecessary vices and help them discover and develop their hidden talents, which is beneficial for the upliftment of the Filipino culture.


  • Brotherhood and camaraderie.
  • Impart knowledge about arts & culture to the community.
  • Have an opportunity to discover and develop hidden talents.
  • Know that each time and work is essential.
  • Preserve and maintain Filipino culture through everyday living.
  • Provide beneficial and livelihood skills thru commercial arts.
  • Utilize their worthy leisure hours.


  • Art Projects Management and packaging
  • Seminar / workshop on Visual Arts
  • Seminar / workshop on Theater Arts
  • Script Writing
  • Variety show for town fiesta
  • Computer Animation


    Members are true artist in their heart, we are not talking about their skills in the field of arts but we are talking about their talents in arts.

    They possess humility, self discipline and concern to the Mother Nature. Hence, they are environmentalist in nature, have own philosophy in life, and they have extensively believed in God. Sometimes they believe that they are couriers of God.

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